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A place where the blockchain community can come together and share content, expertise and asset portfolios to earn rewards.


Cron jobs
SQL stored procedures
Blockchain RPC CLI


Social Media Platform
Blockchain Asset Verification & Monitoring
Automated Airdrop Module
Podcast Syndication


Graphcoin Labs

What hackers do is figure out technology and experiment with it in ways many people never imagined. They also have a strong desire to share this information with others and to explain it to people whose only qualification may be the desire to learn.
Dear Hacker: Letters to the Editor of 2600

WordPress user experience

Social media functions

Ultimate Member was used to give users and projects the ability to create accounts with profiles.

Advertising platform

Ad Inserter Pro manages the native and Google Adsense advertising.

Databases and visualization

Advanced CF7 passes blockchain address, signature data to the mysql database. wpDataTables supply tables charts for leaderboards and portfolio tools.

Cryptocurrency wallets

Bitcoin and Altcoin wallets from dashed-slug supports user web wallets for several cryptocurrencies. Full nodes for each asset runs on a dedicated web server. Cold storage for the majority of the account balances is managed offline.

Crypto eCommerce

CryptoWoo enables instant Bitcoin and Litecoin payments for products and services in the shop. Users can also spend their altcoin currencies in their Beam web wallets. Real-time pricing updates are pulled from CoinGecko.

Engagement Data

Google analytics and MailChimp modules power data-based engagement strategies for B2B and B2C marketing and product development.

Investing should be fun

Leaderboards for investors

Users are ranked based on a proprietary algorithm that weighs aum, diversification and account age.

Global Context

Country of origin gives users a global community feel.

Curated Projects

Leaderboards for projects

The community rates, reviews and follows projects listed on Beam.

Sort, Select

Projects are quickly and easily accessed from a simple list.

Blockchain asset verification & monitoring module

Address ownership verificaiton

Users submit their coin's address and a cryptographic signature that proves ownership of the account. A server running full nodes of every supported asset processes a signature verification command via RPC, writes a result to a csv which is inserted back into the mySQL database. For coins/tokens that don't have signatures, we verify accounts by allowing users to send $0.01 worth of the asset to a monitored address.

Account balance monitoring

cURL pulls verified account balances from block explorer API endpoints several times a day. Balances are parsed by jq, written to a csv and inserted back into mySQL.

Asset price updates

cURL pulls asset price updates from a CoinGecko API every hour. Price data is parsed by jq, written to a csv and inserted into a price table in mySQL.

" [the podcast] Was a pleasure to listen, really nice views / rational perspectives. Great questions to recent topics JD! I want more =) "
beam user, germany

Account Tools

Blockchain data from the warehouse drives a portfolio performance dashboard. Users can easily add labels for each address, remove assets, and watch the value of their portfolio change over time.

Users can see how our ranking algorithm applies to their portfolio.

A cryptocurrency web wallet allows users to receive airdrops from our premier partners. An exchange plug-in features a quick option for those who want to trade their currencies through our partner Changelly.